Friday, 20 April 2018

Making Business Better With Scott Herckis and SJH

Scott Herckis
Anyone who owns a business and is looking to get their finances under control, or they are searching for the best solutions for budgeting and forecasting, most who have used their services will tell you; Scott Herckis and his business advisory firm, SJH Financial, can help them make the best possible decisions to drive future growth. They understand the difficulties and challenges businesses face, and they know how to make the best of financial opportunities. Scott Herckis believes very strongly that any financial advice is pointless if the recipient doesn’t know what it means to their business or how to use it to its greatest benefit.

That's exactly why Scott Herckis and his firm tend to delivers its financial counsel with a side order of explanation as to why their wisdom makes sense. Scott Herckis and SJH Financial don’t simply show clients how to make more money and what to do with it; they also like to teach clients why their advice is sound and what it means to their overall strategy. Of course, the advice is really good. Scott Herckis knows that the search for outside business financing tends to be incredibly difficult and intimidating. In fact, he founded SJH Financial in 2009 for just that reason.

Scott Herckis certainly has a solid record in assisting small businesses in making financial decisions that benefit them the most. That's why the one thing that sets Scott Herckis and SJH Financial apart from many other financial counselors is his ability to communicate everything to his clients when it comes to every aspect of finance.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

How Scott Herckis Makes a Difference in Any Business

Scott Herckis
During his five year stint working at legendary accounting firm Arthur Anderson, Scott Herckis learned a lot. Not only did he work closely with a number of large corporate clients like Sheraton Hotels and Cadbury Schweppes, but he also worked to earned his CPA, which means his abilities as a corporate accountant and business advisor were certified. Of course, Scott Herckis certainly didn’t stop when he left Arthur Andersen. He had learned a lot about what makes a company successful and he wanted to use what he’d learned to make other companies better.

For years, he worked in accounting and finance with companies in the fashion and apparel industry, including positions as a controller, Vice President of finance and even chief financial officer. Scott Herckis knows the best ways for any business get their finances under control. That’s why he founded SJH Financial. The team of professionals he has built over the years can help businesses implement the best possible budgeting and forecasting solutions and Scott Herckis himself can help businesses make the best possible decisions, to push them to better growth in the future.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Scott Herckis Is His Clients’ Best Friend

Scott Herckis
Those who own and run any type of business would really like Scott Herckis. He has a keen interest in every client’s business because he has a vested interest in making sure every client who uses his consultation services is happy as can be. Most of them come to Scott with a healthy desire to improve the fortunes of their business, even if they are in good financial shape. In some cases, they need Scott Herckis to show them how to deploy better forecasting and budgeting solutions, but it sometimes means a whole lot more. That is, after all, why Scott Herckis founded his own firm, SJH Financial, in the first place.

Scott Herckis strives to become the business partner any business client needs. Scott and his crack team of skilled and experienced professionals, can help any business make the best possible decisions to improve their current outlook or even to drive growth in the future. With Scott’s assistance, any business owner will soon know exactly how to best take advantage of all available financial opportunities. Scott Herckis himself has a strong business background and he has a lot of education under his belt, But it’s his experience that makes him truly special.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Starting or Growing a Business with Scott Herckis

Scott Herckis
Scott Herckis started SJH Financial as a vehicle to honor a basic premise that he holds very closely. He firmly believes that financial advice is only valuable if those receiving the advice understand exactly what it means, how it helps them and how to use it to their greatest benefit. One thing that makes Scott and SJH different from other financial counselors is their ability to communicate everything thoroughly to clients. They not only explain everything thoroughly, but they also make sure clients know exactly why they are doing what they’re doing. They deliver their unique brand of financial expertise with heaping helping of sage wisdom, borne out of experience.

For someone looking for outside financing to start or grow a business, everyone knows that the first round of financing can be enormously intimidating. That is a major reason Scott Herckis founded SJH Financial in 2009; he has a passion for assisting small business owners in making financial decisions that benefit them most.

Scott Herckis has both experience and education. he started years ago by earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. However, he then went to work at legendary accounting firm Arthur Andersen, where he worked with their Audit and Assurance Department for five years, where he served many large corporate clients and managed to obtain his CPA. Following his time at Arthur Andersen, Scott Herckis continued to increase his profile, working with companies in the fashion and apparel industry, first as a controller, then as a Vice President of Finance, and finally as CFO. Scott has a lot of experience in his background to help you do better in business.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Scott Herckis and the Joy of Business Growth

Any business owner, manager or executive who is conducting a search for outside financing to start or grow a business knows for a fact that the first round can be one of the most intimidating experiences of their business life. That was the primary impetus for Scott Herckis to create SJH Financial in 2009. Scott has always possessed a passion for helping small businesses make the best possible decisions that create the most benefit to their company.

It makes Scott Herckis feel great whenever a company takes SJH Financial’s advice and transforms into a hugely successful business. In fact, that is what gives him his greatest joy. That is, after all, why Scott Herckis earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting at the University of Texas at Austin. He did so because he had both a strong love of business as well as a knack for it. He followed that up by earning a CPA while working with the Audit and Assurance Department at Arthur Andersen for five years. It was while there, working with a number of large corporate clients, including Sheraton Hotels and Cadbury Schweppes that he developed his impressive skills. Now, he owns a company that has helped a great many businesses get better and grow stronger through the best advice he can provide.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Scott Herckis - CEO of SJH Financial

It takes a lot of hard work to become CEO and Scott Herckis who now serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SJH Financial has earned this title through both the founding of the company as well as years of working in the financial industry. SJH Financial primarily works with small and medium sized businesses that choose to outsource their financial advising. SJH Financial also performs tax preparation for businesses and individuals and comprehensive financial and accounting services for individuals and businesses. All of these services are rooted in the knowledge gained by Scott Herckis in his corporate financial days and he feels privileged to be able to use these skills to help small business owners succeed.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Why hire a CFO when Scott Herckis is available

A staffed CFO takes salary, paid benefits, training time, office space and often more when incorporating the role into the fold of any growing business. Rather than enveloping this position into the budget at higher full-time costs, utilizing agency financial services can meet or exceed those needs. That’s where SJH Financial and its CEO Scott Herckis comes in, extending expertise when and as needed to small business owners. When big financial decisions or strategic monetary planning is required, Herckis and his team can provide the knowledge and skill to accomplish goals for companies. Through financial forecasting, tax preparation, investment strategies and strategic financial planning, services by Scott Herckis and SJH Financial can meet the needs of businesses without the requirement of a full-time employee.